Plants vs. Zombies

Rating: 5 stars                        Age Range: 8+

Plants vs. Zombies is a strategy game where the zombies are invading your yard to try and eat your brains. To stop them, you must use unique plants such as the Pea-Shooter and the Cabbage-Pult and different plant upgrades such as the Gloom-Shroom to try and stop them. To beat adventure mode, you have to make it past 5 different stages, day, night, pool, fog, and roof. Each stage contains 8-10 levels. There are also challenging minigames, such as Wall-Nut bowling and Last Stand. There are also two puzzles: I, Zombie and Vasebreaker. Inside each puzzle, there are ten levels, each one harder than the last. There is also Survival Mode, where you play 5 levels in each stage, and then do 10 more harder levels. Once you have finished those, you unlock Survival Endless, where you play an endless amout of levels in the pool stage. There is also a zen garden, which you unlock after beating level 5-2, that you can fill up with either marigolds or plants that you can earn while playing levels. If you like strategy games, you should definitely try Plants vs. Zombies. And by the way, it is VERY addicting.

Play Plants vs. Zombies here

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